WME Show® Speakers are from all over the world, and represent web and mobile technology best and brightest innovators. We invite you to join this prestigious group of alumni.

Web/Mobile Expo Show Conference Speaker Benefits

Complimentary registration
Conference Speakers receive a free Show registration, which will be handled for you in advance.

Concierge badge service
Upon arrival at the Show, you may proceed to one of three Speaker Ready Rooms to pick up your Speaker Badge Holder. You will need to present a form of government-issued ID in order to pick up your Badge Holder. Badge Holders may also be picked up at any Registration or Badge Holder Pickup location; however, there are typically lines at these locations.

Onsite amenities
Your Speaker Badge provides you with access to the Speaker Ready Rooms, where you can grab a cup of coffee, access the Internet or meet up with your colleagues. Ready Rooms are open during Show Registration hours.

Year-round networking with peers
WMF Show Speaker Alumni are invited to participate in a LinkedIn networking group for “inside information” and early announcements of Show developments.

Industry recognition
WEB/MOBILE EXPO Show Speakers are featured within Session listings and elsewhere on www.webmobileexpo.com, including photo and bio information.


Experience Matters. And so do our Speakers! Thank you for your willingness to share your time, knowledge, and resources with the Webmobileexpo. We are grateful for your participation and want to ensure that your time at WME Show is both pleasant and enjoyable. The following information and services, including an online Speaker Ready Room, will help you prepare pre-show and onsite for your presentation.

Speaker Ready Room


When and how are Speakers selected?
There are 12 Sessions taking place at WME Show, within several targeted Conferences, Each Program is different, but typically Speakers are selected by the technical advisory committees, the WME Show Program Advisory Group, industry surveys and the all-industry Call for Speakers. The WME Show Program is finalized by mid-January, with most speakers selected by that time.

What are the technical specifications for my Session?
Room specifications vary depending on the Conference. You will be able to review the audio-visual and room specifications for your Session upon being notified of acceptance and after you have logged into the Speaker Ready Room.

Do you have to be an Exhibitor to submit a speaking proposal?
No. Anyone can submit a proposal addressing any of the suggested topics or trends.

Can we submit a proposed list of panelists and moderator for our panel along with our description?
Yes. This can be done in the submission process.

Will there be focused segments for start-ups launched this year?
WME Show is proud to launch new initiatives each year. Typically these are finalized in the fall. For new initiatives, invitations to speak are usually handled separately with an WME partner or by the WME team. Sessions submitted via the annual Call for Speakers are consulted as well during this process.

How do I submit suggestions for workshops?
Enter your suggestions on tab 3 in the submission process.

If I submit a proposal after the deadline, can I be considered for the next Show or will I need to re-submit?
You will have to re-submit when the next Call for Speakers is announced.

One of our clients would like to submit an abstract and technical paper, but does not want to present at the conference. Is this an option?
Yes. This needs to be stated in the description on tab 3 during the submission process.

Are there a maximum number of speakers we can submit per proposal?
There are typically no more than six speakers per proposal.


What Registration is included for Info Session speakers?
A limited number of Conference registrations are included with Info Session sponsorship as outlined in your contract. All other Info Session speakers above this allotment receive free Exhibits-only registration.

Are speakers reimbursed for their registration after they are selected to present at the Show?
Yes if you are selected as a speaker.

What happens if I lose my badge?
Lost badge replacements are issued in your Speaker Ready Room, or Main Registration onsite. You will be asked to present some form of government-issued ID, as well as pay an onsite processing fee to replace your badge.

Can I bring a guest to the Show to attend my Session?
Yes. You may request one Session Pass for a guest to attend your Session. All guests must be badged for security purposes, so your guest will be registered as an Exhibits-only Attendee and will need to have both the badge and Session Pass available in order to enter your Session room. Session Passes must be requested one week in advance and can be reserved for you at the Speaker Ready Room for pickup.

Who do I speak to about a Session Pass, or other needs?
Each WME Show conference has a designated contact for Speaker care. You will be able to view the contact list through the Speaker Ready Room upon acceptance as a Speaker.


Does WME Show reimburse my travel as a Speaker?
No. Speakers are responsible for their own expenses, to include hotel, meals, travel and ground transportation.

Are there negotiated rates for travel or hotel available for Speakers?
Yes. WME Show negotiates very attractive hotel rates and travel deals for all Attendees. The official WME Show Housing site has additional information. We suggest that you make your hotel arrangements no later than February 1, 2018 to guarantee the best selection at the lowest rates.

Ready Room

Will there be an online Speaker Ready Room?
Yes – it is available here. Access credentials will be emailed to all accepted speakers. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or need your credentials.

Can I make updates to my account in the Speaker Ready Room?
Yes. In your “My Ready Room”, you will have the ability to:
• Review your submissions/proposals
• Update your contact information and bio
• Upload your photo
• Upload your session presentation or handouts

Is there a template for slide presentations?
Yes. You will find this in the Speaker Ready Room.

What is the deadline for making presentation changes?
Instructions and deadlines for uploading and changes to your PowerPoint presentations vary by conference. You will receive communications on deadlines when you are accepted as a speaker. Any changes made to your slide presentation after the Show will not be reflected in Playback.


Will my Session be recorded and if so can I get a copy?
Most Sessions will be AUDIO recorded and made available following the event. All Speakers with recorded Sessions will receive a link to access their Session at no charge. Speakers must complete the “Speaker/Panelist Release and Consent” form (available in the Speaker Ready Room) in order to be recorded. (Sessions with multiple speakers cannot be recorded unless all speakers have signed and returned their Release Form.)

A limited number of Sessions will also be VIDEO recorded. These are typically limited to the WME Show Opening, General Sessions and Super Sessions. Copies of these recordings can be made available upon request via your session manager

Can I record or film my session?
Requests are granted on a case-by-case basis, via Session Manager. Typically Speakers must incur expenses on their own if they are recording, and a Filming Permit must be requested.


Are there paid speaking opportunities at WME Show?
Not at this time.

When will accepted proposals become public on the webmobileexpo.com?
Proposals are posted as soon as the submission selections and proposed speakers for the sessions are finalized.

How can I increase pre-Show buzz about my Session?
WME Show has several social media opportunities available for you to promote your presence as a Speaker:

Webmobileexpo on Facebook
Webmobileexpo Group on LinkedIn