Web & Mobile Expo is an affiliate company of Mstar Inc. Mstar had set-up many network meeting place, Seminar, and concert festival throughout California. Our passion is to bring creative entrepreneurs to meet with web developers that will help their idea to become a reality. We have been there and it’s hard to get your company off the ground without any networking or know people in the industry. We all been through that hard time finding the right web engineer at the price that you can afford. We want to make this trade show to become a Web & Mobile hub so that people can find the new tools and plugin for their web business. Entrepreneurs can meet face to face with web developers that know the technology and understand the concept. People can prepare for the upcoming trend and the new technology that will most benefit their business. They can meet up with other entrepreneur or meet a new friend that can become your future business partner. We want to setup a show that offers everything that you need to know about the web and mobile industry. The show will equip with both software and hardware with other resources that will bring the full knowledge of today’s and future web technology.